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Art Materials Teaching Schedule

I teach primarily ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena California.
I teach all about artists' materials to the degree program students.
I also 
teach classes, and workshops though ArtCenter's Public
Programs (ACX). Through public programs, I teach a completely
different subject. How meditation and the creative prosses 
can be used to support each other.

Best Practices for Oil Painting (One DAY)


No Prerequisites.  Advanced registration required,

Saturday 25, 10:00AM–4:30PM, 100% ONLINE

0 Units, $249,

(626) 396-2319)

When it comes to oil painting, many artists never go beyond the
basics. Why? Because despite having been in use for 1,000 years,
is little readily available information on the medium. 

This is one day workshop/seminar from 10-4:00PM, scheduled on
the second Saturday at the beginning of the Fall and Spring terms. 
It is offered through the public programs.  After centuries of use,
oil painting is still the ultimate artist's medium. Mastering this
unparalleled medium is more dependent on knowledge of its
materials than any other. Yet little comprehensive information is
readily available, and what is found is often confusing, contradictory,
or shrouded in mystery. This one-day intensive seminar on oil
painting materials and proper use offers the kind of in-depth
knowledge necessary to tame this medium and explore its vast
potential for expression. The seminar will also offer solutions to
working safely as well as produce artwork that will last for generations. 


Appropriate for painters of all levels. 


Out-of-print, but used copies can be found. Also the contents of my book can be found at

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