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NEW! Shambhala Art is now online!

NEW! Shambhala Art Parts 1 and 2 are online through Due to the Pandemic we have moved our program online. We are working to get all five parts online regardless of the pandemic.  This is in part because we have had a strong international interest and we would like to work that interest. See:

"Discipline, Spontaneity, & Creativity," a video of a talk by Steven Saitzyk at the Westside Los Angeles Shambhala Center on April 9, 2014  

"How to View Art," a video talk given by Steven Saitzyk, Director of Shambhala Art, at the Westside Shambhala Center in Los Angeles on July 10, 2013.  The subject is how meditative and contemplative practices benefit the viewing process of art.

Schedule for Meditation and the Creative Process-Class

At ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena California. In addition to the

Classes on the Properties of Artistic Materials, I, which I offer to the degree

program, I also offer classes, and workshops to the pubic though ArtCenter:

Public Programs.

Meditation for the Creative Mind 1

Saturdays, 10AM-12:50PM,
4 Online sessions, starting Sat. 10/2/2021

ArtCenter College Extension, ACX-477W,
Noncredit, No prerequisite.  626.396.2319 or

“My creative process is a meditation,” is a phrase often spoken. 

The creative process is inherently contemplative, but it is not the same

as meditation. The only way to know if it is, is to establish a mindfulness

meditation practice. Meditation enhances our creative process and our

viewing process. Viewing art or what aspires to be art, whether it is in a

museum or something we have created, is an active and not a passive

process. It takes effort and understanding to properly appreciate a work

of art. Mindfulness and awareness meditation practices lead us to a now familiar phrase: “seeing things as they are,” but what does that mean and how does that benefit us?  Join us for a journey into the nature of our senses, mind, and being.

This 4-week class is the beginning of a 4-part series. Each part consisting of 4 classes. Part 2 immediately follows Part 1.  This allows a student to try it out and see if the class is for them or not.


Instructor: Steven Saitzyk. Associate Professor of Humanities and Sciences, Art Center College of Design. International Director of Shambhala Art, a nonprofit arts education program designed to integrate meditation into the creative process. See: He is a painter and author of Place Your Thoughts Here: Meditation for the Creative Mind. See:  He has completed a Buddhist Seminary and has practiced and taught meditation internationally for more than forty years.

Meditation for the Creative Mind 2

Saturdays, 10AM-12:50PM,
4 Online sessions, starting Sat. 10/30/2021 Immediately follows part 1.

ArtCenter College Extension, ACX-478W,
Noncredit, No prerequisite.  626.396.2319 or

Prerequisite: Meditation for Creative Mine Part 1

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